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Snape the cat is a 3 year old black Scottish fold. His favourite activities include sleeping, eating and cuddling. Snape loves human food, whether it is bread, ice-cream, pudding or pizza. We only give him a small taste of course.

Snape is a very talkative cat, he knows what he wants and he makes sure everyone knows it too. Mornings and evenings are when he is most social. During the day you will find him sleeping in the middle of the bed or up in the tallest tower of his cat castle. Sometimes he'll get up and talk to the passers-by while sitting on the windowsill that faces the street.

Snape has a sister and a brother from another mother. Lily is a classic tabby cat and Redford a ginger cat. Snape and Lily get along very well. Redford keeps trying, but sadly failing, to win over Snape's affection. We hope some day they will all get along well but for now they are co-existing.


Sustainability is all about producing, and consuming in an environmentally friendly way. A sustainable brand is one that sources materials that are organic, recycled/recyclable and ethically produced. Snape the Cat is a fun brand that aims to bring a smile to its costumers while protecting the environment in the process.


Sustainability is a vital component in all aspects of the Snape the Cat brand. We always look for the most ethical option when sourcing our products and materials. Our tote bags are made from 100% organic cotton, and are screen printed using non-toxic, vegan textile paint. All orders are packaged using recyclable materials. Sustainability is very important to us, and we prefer to pay a little more for our goods, and keep the environment safe, than make a little more profit.

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